To protect Instafamous puppy’s bright future, attorney, Robin Merriman, creates pet trust for @TuckerinPhilly

Wills, Trusts & Estates expert, Robbie Merriman teaching Tucker Cox about pet trusts

Aloia Roland attorney Robin Merriman recently guided the owners of the Instafamous puppy @TuckerinPhilly to protect his bright future.  Ryan Sheehy-Cox and Steven Cox, the owner of the golden doodle, sat down with Merriman to create a pet trust for the pup.

“With Tucker’s popularity on the rise, Mr. and Mrs. Cox came to me with concerns regarding @TuckerinPhilly’s care and well-being if something were to happen to them. We discussed potential commercial opportunities; estimated annual costs of care; pre-determined lifestyle accommodations; and determined that incorporating a pet trust into their estate plan was the best solution to ensure that @TuckerinPhilly will receive the highest level of care,” said Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts and Estates Attorney, Robin D. Merriman II.

Tucker kisses parents after Robbie Merriman creates pet trust for golden doodle

In honor of National Love Your Pet Day, Philadelphia resident and Fort Myers native, Ryan Sheehy-Cox is introducing Tucker as an advocacy ambassador.

“Tucker will inspire children and adults alike to start a dynamic discussion about mental wellness. His breed, size and disposition make him an ideal pup to warm hearts and motivate positive change,” said Ryan Sheehy-Cox, founder of Tucker travels frequently with his owners and is being trained for pet therapy.

Pets have become a staple in everyday lives – they travel frequently, stay in hotels, visit their owners at work and are generally embraced by their local communities. With annual pet costs ranging from $1,500 to $36,000 and above, owners must consider these long-term costs that may supersede them.

Merriman and the Cox family looking onto pet trust documents for Tucker Cox

“Pet trusts can be formed to ensure an animal’s future needs are met. From veterinary bills and grooming to special food, toys and socialization, a pet trust covers essentials and pre-determines who will care for the pet,”

said Merriman.

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