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Aloia Roland dives in for Zach Martin Memorial Foundation #ColdTubChallenge

Aloia Roland dives in for Zach Martin Memorial Foundation #ColdTubChallenge

Aloia Roland team after dunking in the ice tubs

Aloia Roland “Jumps in” to help raise awareness about Heat-related Illness and Death

The team at Aloia Roland voluntarily tested out the effectiveness of cold tub therapy at lowering body temperature. The Zach Martin Foundation challenged the community to Dunk-or-Donate, and our firm decided to do both! Each of our Dunkees was able to call out a couple of friends and colleagues to also take a chilly dip for the cause, and Senior Partners Frank Aloia and Ty Roland dove in while wearing full suits to show their dedication.

Exertional Heat Illnesses (EHI) and Exertional Heat Stroke (EHS) are a very real threat to children and students in Florida, especially during the grueling summer months. Following the passage of the Zachary Martin Act in 2020, FHSAA-regulated programs must have the tubs and training to begin treatment on site as soon as heat-related issues are detected.

The Foundation has already helped to provide tubs to many Southwest Florida schools and sports programs and intends to reach every program in the area. Each 100-gallon water tub costs about $100 and can be purchased from hardware stores like Ace Hardware and Tractor Supply. You can read more about the Zachary Martin Memorial Foundation here.

“If you cool someone right away, on-site, they don’t die. Period”
Dr. Doug Casa, Korey Stringer Institute, University of Connecticut


Check out the video below, and if you have any questions or want to help, please reach out to our office at 239-791-7950!


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