Property Damage

From natural disasters like hurricanes and floods to accidents, vandalism or fire, property damage occurs in a variety of ways. Even though you may have insurance, to get the compensation you deserve, it’s essential to have an attorney on your side.

What is a first-party insurance claim?

A first-party insurance claim is between the policyholder (the first party) and the insurance company (the second party). As contractual claims, they are based on the precise language within the insurance policy.

For example, a homeowner experiences serious damage to their property as a result of a hurricane. The homeowner will file a claim with the insurance company to cover the damage and repairs. The insurance company will compensate the homeowner based on what’s outlined in the insurance policy. For this reason, it’s vital that a homeowner understands what’s covered and excluded in their policy.

Internal or exterior property damage can occur from:
  • Storms – floods, hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Physical damage
    • Car crashes into building
    • Fork-lift into side of the building

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Who needs our help and why?

Beyond homeowners, business owners often need to hire an attorney to help file claims for property damage or catastrophic loss. First party insurance claimants have the right to file a lawsuit and must know their rights. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always pay out everything they’re required to by law and this is known as bad faith insurance practices.

Examples of insurance companies acting in bad faith include:

  • Denying compensation without a justifiable reason
  • Failing to perform a proper and thorough investigation into the claim
  • Failing to acknowledge and reply to a claim promptly
  • Attempting to settle a claim for a less than reasonable amount
  • Failing to inform the insured of an appeals process
  • Failing to provide a reasonable explanation for a denied or underpaid claim
  • Requiring unnecessarily burdensome documentation to process a claim
  • Using harassing investigative methods to intimidate the claimant

Understanding lengthy policies and negotiating with insurance companies can be an overwhelming process. Our team of attorneys have decades of experience working with insurance companies and will fight for what you deserve.

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Frank J. Aloia, Jr.

Frank Aloia has vast experience in commercial and business litigation, real estate litigation, real estate and corporate transactional law, construction law and provides all manner of general counsel services for small businesses. Aloia is a third-generation Fort Myers native, and began his legal career as an Assistant State Attorney in 1996.

Scott J. Hertz

Scott Hertz is an experienced litigator and focuses his practice on the areas of construction law, breach of contract, commercial law, and real estate litigation. He represents clients in front of Southwest Florida government agencies dealing with licensing, permitting, land use issues and ordinances that impact his clients. Partnership disputes and business breakups are another area of representation

Jack C. Morgan III

Jack Morgan’s practice focuses primarily on business related litigation, which includes litigation related to construction liens, construction defects, OSHA matters, business disputes, and other contractual matters. His clientele include business owners, contractors, subcontractors, developers, and businesses in the construction, healthcare, agricultural, real estate, entertainment and service industries.

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