Mass Torts

Pharmaceutical products save countless lives. They open the door to a better quality of life for those facing serious health issues. Yet these benefits are the product of refinement and testing — processes that often span years or decades and require millions of dollars in research and development. Eager to achieve a return on their investment, pharmaceutical companies sometimes cut corners. Whether intentional or not, these lapses can cost innocent people their health and even their lives. Our skilled attorneys fight for those who have fallen victim to tragedy or illness and will advocate for justice.

Meet Our Mass Torts Attorneys

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Evan D. Lubell

Evan D. Lubell specializes in personal injury law and is respected for his expert knowledge of the law. His clients value Lubell’s ability to meticulously manage complex cases and navigate the overwhelming process. Renowned for elevating the practice of law, Lubell embodies integrity while advocating for relentless pursuit of justice for his clients.

Jack C. Morgan III

Jack C. Morgan III primarily focuses on matters involving construction defects, commercial litigation and liability litigation. His clients in construction defect matters are developers, associations, general contractors, subcontractors, and architectural and engineering firms. He represents companies, officers, shareholders and owners of companies in their commercial litigation issues.

Ty G. Roland

Ty G. Roland fights for victims struck by tragedy and serious injury. Roland’s clients face overwhelming situations involving complexity and require an experienced litigator to fight for significant damages.