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Legal executives

Running an effective business is multifaceted and complex — from the operational structure to employee agreements to real estate ventures — it’s essential to partner with seasoned professionals who will guide and protect you along your journey to success. The team at Aloia Roland is committed to best practices and will empower you to succeed and thrive for many years to come.

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Empathetic experts

Your family’s needs are important to our law firm. We understand that when a change happens — good or bad — you will have questions, concerns and need professional legal advice. You can count on our team to take an assertive yet caring approach to work through your legal issue. Whether you are considering divorcing your spouse, or adopting a child, or seeking an adjustment in child support, or are getting married and need a pre-nuptial agreement, we are here for you.


Tenacious litigators

Aloia Roland’s personal injury attorneys have handled complex cases and have a deep commitment to stay the course in order to reach positive outcomes for clients. The team fosters sincere comfort throughout a client’s most unnerving life experience. Our attorneys are fully dedicated to achieve extraordinary results for clients while making a positive difference within the community. The personal injury law team is held in high esteem by their colleagues and respected among the judiciary and legal community.

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Challenging corporate giants

How can drugs and products approved by the FDA be dangerous? Unfortunately, no system of safeguards is perfect. Defective drugs and medical devices still find their way into the mass market. At Aloia Roland, we represent individuals who have become victims of defective pharmaceutical products. Our attorneys can serve as your voice in the legal system.


The go-to resource

The real estate legal process can seem complex and overwhelming. You can rely on our knowledge and experience in handling all your residential and commercial real estate matters — buying or selling a home, refinancing a mortgage, leasing or buying or selling a commercial property — we will help simplify the process for you. We take a professional and straightforward approach and pledge to provide quality legal services. Our lawyers offer pragmatic legal solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your unique situation.

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Knowledgeable advocates

The tragedy that occurs when a loved one passes can be devastating. In addition to the range of emotions involved in losing someone, questions arise regarding the disposition of that person’s property. At Aloia Roland, we help clients decipher the complicated process of administering trusts and estates, while ensuring their inheritance rights and legal entitlements are enforced and respected. We prepare estate plans by drafting the documents necessary to minimize the complexities that arise at our clients’ deaths and incapacity. Similarly, we assist clients in establishing guardianships to help ensure their loved ones’ health, well-being and finances are protected, thereby reducing the risk of elder exploitation.