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Fort Myers, FL (March 7, 2023) – Jack Morgan III, a partner with the law firm of Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, saw a David vs. Goliath tale unfolding when he represented a man unfairly ousted from his company. At the end of this jury trial in Lee County Circuit Court, David won – and won big.

Morgan was able to take the evidence, build a solid, undisputable case, place his client back in his ownership position with the company, and requiring Goliath to pay $250,000 in unpaid distributions.

Morgan first filed a breach of contract lawsuit on behalf of his client in 2020. The client, Chuck Hussey, was an employee and shareholder of the Naples-based Southeast Spreading Company, starting in December 2014. The business was struggling, according to Morgan, trying to pay off high interest loans with money pulled straight from existing accounts. Hussey recognized the problem, developed solutions that turned the business around and was able to negotiate a much lower lending rate, saving the company money. As a reward, Hussey was promised 10 percent ownership in the company by the owner. Three days after securing a traditional loan of $4,000,000 that saved the company, Hussey was fired. That started his case against Southeast Spreading, building evidence that Hussey had a validated agreement and was owed money from 2019, 2020 and 2021, plus the 10 percent interest.

Before Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court Judge James Shenko, Morgan, who specializes in partnership breakups and business disputes, proved his case and got the verdict. Morgan tried to negotiate a settlement outside of taking it to trial, but the company wanted a trial.

“I felt confident, but at the same time, I knew we were going to face a barrage of defenses that the other side was going to put up,” Morgan said. “They were hoping to run my client out of money, forcing him to take nothing and walk away.

“This was all going on during the COVID pandemic, which delayed the matter by a year and a half, but the client had enough trust in what he was doing and confidence and trust in me to stay in the fight.”

And Morgan welcomed presenting his evidence before the six-member jury. “It depends on the circumstances, but in this particular case, I believed the jury would be sympathetic to my client. He had worked hard, turned the business around and was fired three days after achieving the goal.”

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