How we help victims of bicycle accidents

Florida continually paces the country, and Lee County in the state, in the number of bicycle accidents and fatalities each year. The personal injury attorneys at Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan, PLLC, know these are alarming numbers and we are committed to making sure victims receive excellent legal representation and the money they are entitled. We’ve seen the tragic aftermath of serious accidents. We know the unimaginable difficulties individuals face. We understand how overwhelming it can be to face each day, much less plan for the future.

Our role

We are dedicated to alleviating your burdens by managing legal considerations like medical bills and lost wages. Through caring and compassionate guidance, our attorneys strive to help injury victims and their loved ones get their lives back on track.

The statistics prove why we matter

In 2021, Florida had 6,399 bicycle collisions, resulting in over 5,500 injuries and 183 deaths, an increase of almost 13% in deaths from 2020, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. When considering fatal bicycle accident statistics by state, Florida cyclists get into fatal crashes at a rate of 0.75 per 100,000 resident population, well above the national average of 0.26. An overwhelming number of the accidents are the result of collisions with vehicles. Of the 183 fatal bicycle accidents, Florida law enforcement officers report the driver of the vehicle was responsible in 140 of them, meaning 83% of fatal bicycle accidents in 2021 resulted from driver error. Florida police reports also indicated the driver was at fault in 76% of the serious accidents and 69% of the minor accidents. National statistics report 71% of bicycle fatalities occur in urban areas.

Bicyclists are typically hit in an intersection by a driver who seems focused only on other vehicles around them and not on cyclists or pedestrians. The more vehicle congestion in an area can increase the likelihood of a bicycle accident.

Aloia Roland personal injury attorneys Ty G. Roland, Evan D. Lubell and Jonathan Martin use these statistics, the police reports, victim and witness statements to build a case that offers the best legal representation for their clients. Victims of bicycle accidents can learn more about the attorneys and what the firm offers by going to or calling 239-533-9667.

 To learn more about Florida’s high number of bicycling accidents and safety information, go to the Florida Department of Transportation website at:


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