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Why An Attorney Is Better Than A Public Adjuster

In the wake of Hurricane Ian’s unprecedented devastation, thousands have suffered significant damage to their homes, creating an equally unprecedented demand on owners wanting fair settlements with their insurance companies. Property damage attorneys at Aloia, Roland, Lubell & Morgan know “fair” is seldom attained without legal experts playing a key role in any settlement. Our attorneys are your best option if your case is litigated and here’s why:

It starts with an insurance company’s mentality

They are businesses, focused on making profits from policies so they can continue to operate as a business. Insurance companies must ensure they are bringing in more money from policies than they are giving out or they could face bankruptcy. Insurance companies will do what they can to avoid paying a claim, especially the fair amount.

A public adjuster’s limited role

Although the insurance company provides an adjuster, public adjusters are third-party players often hired by the property owner to inspect damage and make an estimate on the value of the damage. But their role can be limited and for that reason, here’s why an attorney is your best option:

Our attorneys can do more

Insurance companies are traditionally focused on high premiums and may offer far less than the property owner expects in settling a claim after a disaster. Our property damage attorneys have the experience to give you the best legal advice, when an insurance company tells the property owner:

  • Your policy lapsed
  • The claim was misrepresented
  • The damage was determined to be intentional or does not fall under the guidelines of the contract

Because a policy is just that – a contract – our attorneys can take the case to court if an insurance company denies a claim. A public adjuster is not legally qualified to do that. Our attorneys can also use public adjusters as expert witnesses if your case is litigated.

Public adjusters also present barriers

Although the adjuster represents the policyholder, legal issues can arise if the insurance company claims false information is being presented. That does not happen with one of our attorneys.

Public adjusters can also charge 20 percent of the claim and charge an hourly fee based on Florida law. Typically, attorneys may charge 33 to 40 percent of the settlement amount, but always be sure to ask questions if you are unsure of the costs.

What’s is also important when hiring one of our attorneys is make sure we handle all the communication with the insurance company. That is our job in representing you.

We have the experience, the knowledge and litigation background to make sure your claim is properly handled, and the right settlement obtained. For more information on our property damage attorneys Frank J. Aloia Jr, Scott J. Hertz and Jack C. Morgan and their backgrounds, go to


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