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At Aloia Roland, we’ve seen the tragic aftermath of serious accidents. We know the unimaginable difficulties individuals face. We understand how overwhelming it can be to face each day, much less plan for the future.

Our role is to help alleviate your burdens by managing legal considerations like medical bills and lost wages. Through caring and compassionate guidance, our lawyers strive to help injury victims and their loved ones get their lives back on track.

Our Team has helped thousands of families attempt to recover from injuries and wrongful deaths. Every situation is unique, and our attorneys bring expertise and experience in a wide array of cases:

Bicycle Accidents

Florida is a wonderful state to bike in. Unfortunately, Drivers do not always share the road the way they should. Our Team has been there for members of our own firm when a day on the bike turned dangerous.

Golf Cart Accidents

An accident can happen with any recreational vehicle. Whether the incident happened on the golf course or while riding to the in-laws, we can help.

Boat Accidents

Whether involving a BUI (Boating under the influence) or an accident that occurs on the water with a boat or Personal Watercraft, the laws protecting the injured are unique to our waters.

Motorcycle Accidents

Other firms claim to be “the motorcycle attorneys”, but our attorneys have a track record with all kinds of vehicles. Harley, Hog, or Kawasaki, our staff rides, and we know the provisions in the law specific to Southwest Florida’s Biker community.

Car Accidents

Southwest Florida has some of the most active highways and byways in the country, with drivers from around the world sharing the road. Accidents here can leave a visitor with lasting injuries that need to be addressed.

Heat Stroke Death

No other firm has done as much to advance education in Florida related to heat-related illness. Our Attorneys and Staff grew up in Florida, and we know how hot the summers can get. Turn to the experts to help make sure that death or serious injury related to negligence around treatment won’t happen to another child.

Semi-Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks and fleet vehicles have special considerations. Oftentimes, companies will stonewall because they believe they can outlast an individual. Call on our team to make sure you and your family get the compensation you deserve.

School and Sports Negligence

“Kids will be kids” means nothing when the adults entrusted with the care of your child do nothing. We have been there for families trying to make sense of a Heat Stroke Death. School Districts and after-school programs need to have the proper procedures and training in place to ensure the safety of the kids in their care.

Uber and Lyft Accidents

The rise of ridesharing and the “Gig Economy” has made car accidents involving “ride-sharing” apps like Uber and Lyft especially complex.

Negligent Security

Owners and operators of any establishment have certain duties to safeguard the well-being of visitors and patrons. Whether that involves physical security at bars and restaurants or following proper procedures when an incident does occur, you need an experienced team to help you through the process.

Electrocution Deaths

Our firm fought for one of the largest jury verdicts ever against Florida Power and Light (FPL). Utility companies have a duty to protect their customers from the dangerous voltage carried by powerlines, and our Attorneys are the experts that other firms bring in to prepare for electrocution incidents.

Pedestrian Accidents

Some of the most heartbreaking cases only involve a single vehicle. In an instant, a family can be left without a parent or worse.

Wrongful Death

The untimely death of a loved one is a tragedy. Dealing with insurance and a protracted legal battle should not be an additional burden. Our team has the experience you need in your corner.

Meet Our Personal Injury Attorneys

The Aloia Roland practice areas are shaped by our attorneys’ diverse expertise.
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Ty G. Roland

Dedicated to fully understanding the science of a situation, Ty G. Roland takes an investigative approach in order to look beyond the horizon and do what’s best for his clients in the long run. A maestro in the courtroom, Roland has successfully defeated numerous corporate giants.

Evan Lubell personal injury, wrongful death litigator

Evan D. Lubell

For more than 25 years, Evan Lubell has spent countless hours litigating against insurance companies and corporations who have needlessly, and too often recklessly, caused injury and death to our families, friends and neighbors. Lubell believes that companies should be held to the same standard of personal responsibility that the rest of us are held to under the rule of law.

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