Avoid personal injury — At-home risks due to COVID-19 shut-ins

A personal injury attorney's perspectives of at-home risks

Last week, we sat down with personal injury attorney and Aloia Roland senior partner, Evan Lubell to discuss some of the risks associated with the shut-in due to COVID-19. Below you'll find his concerns and what we should all be especially mindful of during this unnerving time.

There are a variety of everyday activities that children, adults and seniors are partaking in more frequently. Some common activities include:

Gardening or playing in the backyard

While lovely in springtime, gardening is a hobby that poses concern, especially while vegetation becomes overgrown. Believe it or not, individuals can be electrocuted from bamboo trees and other vegetation that are connected to power lines. We’ve tried and won cases against FP&L for lost loved ones who were playing in the backyard of their homes and were electrocuted by vegetation connected to power lines. This is a very serious issue that results in catastrophic injury and/or death. We urge you to please be extremely mindful of your surroundings in order to stay as safe as possible while working in your yards.

At-home swimming pools

Another activity that children and families commonly enjoy more regularly are their swimming pools. We often see a variety of serious injuries resulting from slip or trip and falls, and individuals becoming paralyzed because of diving head first into shallow water pools. Again, this is a regular Florida activity that children and adults alike should be extra careful to avoid injury and suffering.


In the State of Florida, in first quarter of 2019 alone, there were 1,695 bicycle accidents with 40 fatalities and 1,588 injuries. As a result of school closures, we’re seeing countless children and teenagers out riding around neighborhoods. Everyone must be extremely cautious especially during these times. We’re living in an unprecedented time; drivers are even more anxious and distracted than normal and our community citizens must stay vigilant.

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