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Jack Morgan defined

Throughout the branding process of 2019, establishing personal brands for each senior partner was a major focus. For Jack Morgan, it was evident how deeply respected he is for his diverse experience and knowledge of the law in a variety of sectors. In several interviews, Morgan was described as “The Jack of all Trades.” As a result, his definition was also formed:

Morgan /mor-gan/ adjective 1. Empowered by a diverse skillset to employ the best approach in commercial, real estate and liability litigation. Synonyms: inventive, sharp-witted, insightful, enterprising.

Morgan’s practice focuses primarily on business related litigation, which includes litigation related to construction liens, construction defects, OSHA matters, business disputes, and other contractual matters. His clientele include business owners, contractors, subcontractors, developers, and businesses in the construction, healthcare, agricultural, real estate, entertainment and service industries.

To learn more about Morgan’s experience, visit his bio page. If you’d like to meet with him, contact the office by calling (239) 791-7950.


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