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Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Pursuing child custody is an emotional process and many parents consider representing themselves “pro se” (without an attorney). According to VeryWell Family, a resource for pregnancy and parenting, there are seven Red Flag scenarios when you need to hire a child custody lawyer, instead of going to court alone.

Consider hiring an attorney when:

  • Your Ex has Already Retained an Attorney
    • When both parties have attorneys, negotiations can be more realistic.
  • Your Case Has Become More Complicated
    • Experienced Family Law attorneys know the process and have seen complex situations before.
  • Your Case Crosses Jurisdictions
    • Laws vary from county to county, and state to state, an attorney will know what the sticking points are and can help you protect your children and your rights.
  • You Believe Your Children Are in Danger
    • If the police have been involved, you may need to seek a protective order to prevent any harm to your children.
  • Your Ex Is Trying to Prevent You From Seeing Your Kids
    • Custody situations are always emotionally charged, having an objective attorney to help guide you through the process and protect your time with your children is essential.

To read the full article, click here: 7 Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer.

Danielle Seitz

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